Take Action: 100 Calls to Rep. Pelosi to Champion Sanctuary Cases

For a year now the Sanctuary Collective has been urging congressional members around the country to introduce private immigration legislation for those living in Sanctuary. Throughout over eight different trips out to Washington D.C., our Collective has been able to visit with over 60 offices and find meaningful ways to work across chambers with both Republicans and Democrats. While it’s taken a lot of pressure to encourage Members to introduce private bills, the biggest obstacle has been the unwillingness of Democratic leadership in congress to allow these bills to progress.

Sign the Petition: Urge Democratic Leadership to Act on Sanctuary Private Bills

The families and individuals living in Sanctuary churches around the country should be supported, and their stories should pave the way for all of those who are affected by our unjust and broken immigration laws. Many of our Sanctuary families would have been able to adjust their immigration status by now, had it not been for flawed legislation passed in previous administrations.

We have been told directly by staff from the House Immigration and Citizenship Committee that no movement will happen on any of our private bills unless the “Speaker asks us to do it.” This is why it is all the more important that we take action right now by making a call to Rep. Pelosi and asking her to show leadership on this issue. We know it’s important to remind our leaders what our communities priorities are, we are hoping you all can join us today in calling on Speaker Pelosi to act for Sanctuary families!

**Please feel free to share this action alert with others!!

Make a Call to Rep. Pelosi @ 415-941-0391
**(if you connect to D.C. office push #4 to get a live staffer)

Sample call-in script: “Hi, I am calling to urge the Speaker to show leadership in supporting the efforts of the National Sanctuary Collective. I understand this group has been pushing a series of private immigration bills, I really think the Speaker should support this effort by urging the House Immigration Subcommittee to take immediate action. Thank you.”

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