Firelly Ríos

EN – Firelly Rios came to the US in 2002 with her six-month old daughter seeking asylum due to persecution in her home country of Colombia, which would later result in the disappearance of her husband. She had complied with ICE check-ins since 2008 but in 2020, with only a month’s notice, ICE said she had to leave the country and her younger, US-born daughter behind. Firelly took sanctuary at the Main St. Congregational Church, with her daughter in January 2020. She received her Stay of Removal in January 2021 but remained in sanctuary until June 2021 so that her daughter could finish out the school year in the same school. Fortunately, she has had the continued support of her church. She now has a driver’s license and is able to take her daughter to school and pick her up. She hopes someday to be able to work again. What will happen to her and her daughter in the future is still uncertain and worries Firelly every day.

ES – Firelly llegó a los Estados Unidos en 2002 con su hija de seis meses en busca de asilo debido a la persecución en su país de origen, Colombia, que luego resultaría en la desaparición de su esposo. Había cumplido con los controles de ICE desde 2008, pero en 2020, con solo un mes de antelación, ICE dijo que tenía que dejar el país y dejar atrás a su hija menor nacida en Estados Unidos. Firelly ha estado en el santuario de la Iglesia Congregacional Main St., con su hija desde enero de 2020.

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