Rosa Gutiérrez López

EN – Rosa Gutiérrez López came to the U.S. in 2005 from El Salvador. Rosa established a family in the U.S. including becoming a mother. Rosa entered sanctuary at a church in Maryland in December 2018 after a judge in Texas denied her asylum claim. Her three school aged children joined her six months later. While in sanctuary she was required to wear an ankle monitor which had been mandated since May 2017 during the previous administration. It caused her significant pain. In June 2020, Rosa was granted a stay of removal for 60 days and was the only sanctuary leader required to pay a $5000 bond at the time the stay was granted. Her stay was initially extended to one year. She moved into the community, at the height of the pandemic, a few months later. It took five months for Rosa to receive her work permit, but it finally arrived in November 2020. She is currently employed full time as a prep cook and baker and is working hard to support her children who all attend local schools and are thriving, including her special needs son. Without the protection that citizenship brings, Rosa lives in fear of having to return to sanctuary or worse. She seeks the security and dignity of U.S. citizenship and the continued opportunity to live her life with her family united and without the fear that caused her to flee El Salvador so many years ago.

ES – Rosa Gutiérrez López llegó a Estados Unidos en 2005 desde El Salvador. Rosa estableció una familia en los Estados Unidos y se convirtió en madre. Rosa ingresó al santuario con sus hijos en diciembre de 2018 después de que un juez en Texas denegara su solicitud de asilo. Recientemente, a Rosa se le concedió una suspensión de la expulsión de 60 días y espera que se pueda extender al menos a 1 año.

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