Francisca Lino

EN – Francisca Lino came to this country in 1999. She had two small children and wanted to give them a better life since their father had abandoned the family. She was detained at the border because she was told by those who were helping her that she had to use a tourist visa that was not hers. Francisca refused to do that. She was then told that if she did not use it, they would ensure that she did not cross there. As a result, Francisca was deported at the border, but she crossed again after a year. In the United States, Francisca met her current husband who is a U.S. citizen. She had three daughters with him. With legal help, they obtained citizenship status for Francisca’s two Mexico-born children. As a result, all five children are U.S. citizens. However, when Francisca went to her final interview for her residency, the deportation officer arrested her, and put her into deportation proceedings. At that time, her last two daughters, who are twins, were in the hospital with pneumonia. ICE gave Francisca extensions for that reason. Later, her pastors from the United Methodist Church sought help for her from Congressman Luis Gutierrez. He filed a private bill for Francisca and was successful in renewing it for 12 years. Francisca had an Order of Supervision when Donald Trump became president. But then everything fell apart for her because under the Trump administration she could no longer get extensions. That’s why she took sanctuary for 4 years. Right now, Francisca is back in supervision but doesn’t know if she will have a chance for a path to citizenship. Her five children and her husband are U.S. citizens. She needs to be in the United States for them and she does not want to return to Mexico because of all the violence and because of her family having been extorted. She has a missing brother-in-law, which is another reason why she is very afraid to return to Zacatecas, Mexico.

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