Ingrid Ecalada Latorre

EN – Ingrid Encalada Latorre, migrated to the US 2000 in search of the American dream escaping the poverty and corruption of her birthplace in Peru. Her trip to America was extremely difficult and having to leave her family behind did not make it any easier.

After several weeks of travel Ingrid was welcomed by her aunt and uncle in Colorado. In 2003 Ingrid made the decision to buy a false Social Security Number. She felt obligated by the system to do this because without it she was not eligible to work or go to school. By doing that she was able to work at a nursing home and pay taxes. Here, she was in charge of looking after elderly people and was in charge of dishwashing duties. It was a very difficult job. In 2010, authorities arrested Ingrid for using a Social Security Number that belonged to someone else. Ingrid spent 3 months locked up without being able to see her eldest son Bryant, who at the time was 2 years old and was her only child. Early one morning a sheriff spoke to Ingrid and told her that her bail had been paid. It was a surprise for her. That morning, she was released but immigration was waiting for her and handcuffed her ankles and wrists.

Ingrid was wrongfully advised by her lawyer to plead guilty to a felony. In 2016 her immigration case for having a felony for identity theft was denied. In 2017 when her case was denied the real nightmare began for Ingrid and her family. She was left with few choices and just to top it all, Donald Trump had won the election. Thus, Ingrid and her family made the tough decision to take refuge at the Mountain View Friends Church, a Quaker church, in Denver, Colorado where she lived for 6 months. Ingrid was granted a legal stay for 5 months to appear in court without fear. The judge denied turning over her conviction despite acknowledging the attorney’s error. During that time she sought a pardon from Governor John Hickenlooper, but he denied her request.

Ingrid was left with no choice and decided to continue to fight for justice. She re-entered
Sanctuary, this time at Foothills Unitarian Church in Fort Collins. She later moved to Boulder, Colorado to be closer to her children. During this time the authorities were not in favor of Ingrid. They required her to wear an ankle monitor despite living in a sanctuary church. The father of her children Eliseo Jurado was followed and arrested primarily because he was Ingrid’s husband and held in the infamous Aurora detention center until a judge corrected the situation. In 2018, Ingrid and her community began to work on the No Mas Chuecos campaign to educate people about the dangers of buying fake papers, or “Chuecos,” as well as the systemic reasons that cause people to have to make that decision. In 2019, Ingrid’s youngest daughter, Elizabeth was born. She gave birth to her in a small room at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder, due to the fact that she could not leave the Church because of her legal status. This birth was at great risk. Ingrid had received C-Sections with her two boys and that was not going to be the case with Elizabeth. A couple weeks after the birth of her daughter, Ingrid received a surprise visit from Congressman Joe Neguse and Alexandra Ocasio Cortez. Ingrid made the bold decision to continue to fight and that same year she was able to obtain a pardon from Colorado Governor Jared Polis. Ingrid and her family lived in Sanctuary for a total of 5 years!

In October of 2021 Ingrid, with the help of Congressman Neguse was granted a Stay of Removal for a year, allowing Ingrid and her family the right to live her life without the fear of being deported. Ingrid and her three children moved into their own home where they get to taste a bit of freedom. They remain in that home as Ingrid waits to be granted a work permit and a renewal of the Stay of Removal. Ingrid’s fight is nowhere near over. She continues to fight for a fix that will grant her freedom permanently. Ingrid belongs here!

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